Come To My Window

Come To My Window are a small group of friends who proposed a small gesture of solidarity and ‘quiet’ visibility around Belfast, one that will probably feel a bit subdued but that can still be full of glitter, leather, and rainbows in the absence of this year’s Pride.⁣ A number of artists, designers and photographers were asked to donate photos and posters to share across Belfast. In the run up to Pride, members of the general public are invited to print and place these photos and posters in their windows (or wherever they'd like).

COME TO MY WINDOW (after Melissa Etheridge’s romantic, repurposed coronavirus anthem) is a call to action. Our windows, terraces, gardens, alleyways, rooftops, and footpaths can become spaces for us to be visible for ourselves, or for our straight allies to be visible for us."

Pride week in Belfast began on Friday July 24th and ended on Sunday August 2nd, 2020.

As part of the project, I contributed five photographs. The images were open-source, and were freely downloadable through a Google Drive link. My work was presented alongside works from contemporary Irish artists (of varying disciplines) Donal Talbot, Phillip McCrilly, Alex Synge, Samuel Casey, John Leo Gillen, Jennifer Mehigan & more.